About TransEuropa 2011



A self-supported solo cycling expedition across southern Europe.

In June 2011 I resume my quest to cycle around the world, starting on the other side of the Atlantic where I finished a previous continental crossing last summer.   In this new leg I will set off from Lisbon and head to Istanbul, continuing an easterly and incremental progression around the planet.   

Unlike my US crossing, TransEuropa 2011 differs in several respects.  It promises to be much, much more difficult.  I will cycle across Europe solo and self-sufficiently, carrying everything I need in panniers on my bike.   And unlike my American adventure where the itinerary was prescribed and the trip was organized by a professional company, TransEuropa 2011 is entirely of my own devising.   While I know the general direction on this trip (‘go east’) I will improvise the route and the pace to Istanbul.  And finally, it will not be a non-stop shot to Istanbul.  I will interrupt my cycling for family visits back in Asia. 

I aim to pedal 100km (60 miles) each cycling day, which is a comfortable touring pace, hoping to arrive in Istanbul by late October.  I will mostly be doing credit card touring, but will stay in a variety of accommodations, the cheaper the better, and also do some camping. 

As of April, the theoretical plan is to pedal through 14 countries to Istanbul in two stages.   This is really just theory, as part of the cycle touring charm is to go which ever way the road takes me; to follow my nose.   


Stage I:  Lisbon – Munich

Iberian peninsula:  Setting off from Lisbon on June 5, I will cycle in a northeasterly direction via Marvao to Salamanca, Spain, and continue on to Bilbao and San Sebastian. 

France:  After crossing the Pyrenees, I will head to Bordeaux via Biarritz.  From Bordeaux I will cycle through the Dordogne river ralley and head due east, somehow navigating the Massif Central.  Approaching Geneva, I will cycle through the Rhone valley.

Switzerland:  From Geneva I will cycle along Lac Leman to Montreux.  If I get my timing right my arrival in Montreux will coincide with the Jazz Festival in the first half of July.   From Montreux I will take the Mittteland cycling route to Lake Constance, hang a left and target arriving in Munich by July 18.   Prost. 

In Munich I will take a hiatus from cycling for some family time.


Stage II:  Munich – Istanbul

Returning to the saddle in late August, I will head south via Innsbruck and Trieste to the Adriatic coast.   Along the Adriatic I will pass through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Hercegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Greece before arriving in Istanbul by late October.  

When I cycled across America I endeavoured to find the prettiest barn in the country and the tastiest ice cream, in addition to raising funds for A New Day Cambodia.   I am proud to say that mission was accomplished on all fronts. 

On TransEuropa 2011 I intend to:  

Arrive at Istanbul and immensely, meeting new people, going new places, and doing new things along the way

– Cycle EFSI — every friggin’ safe inch between Lisbon and Istanbul

– Raise at least US$35,000 and awareness for Yaowawit, the Thai children’s charity

– Raise awereness about the pressing need for individual action to combat climate change.

Find the prettiest church in Europe 

Find the best pastries in Europe.  As I burn thousands of calories a day there’s no need to count them.  I will take full advantage of the chance to eat my way across Europe without guilt or shame. 





17 Responses to About TransEuropa 2011

  1. Jeff Douglas says:

    Todd, good luck. I’ll be following you regularly. It is going to be an incredible adventure.

    • Todd says:

      Thanks man – let me know if you want to join me for a spin this summer 🙂

      I feel bad that I will miss both the Natchez ride and the CO ride. Looking forward to the next reunions though.

      • Jeff Douglas says:

        I was thinking of asking to join you (my wife would probably kill me). But, I’ll keep you up-to-date on the Natchez and future rides.

  2. So excited for you, Todd!

    I love the idea of going at your own pace.
    And the search for the church and pastry adds that much more excitement to your ride.

    Take lots of pictures!

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Helen. I recall a specific conversation we had about touring paces. You were very informed: 80 miles/day is too fast; 60 mph is just right! Well, I have taken that advice on board! And yes, you can be assured I’ll be taking lots of photos!

  3. Hi Todd! My fellow touring companion Colin sent me a message saying you had contacted him and are planning a similar tour. I’m currently interning with a renewable energy venture in India and basically trying not to get sucked into the corporate world. Your story and goals are definitely inspiring. I have only great memories of our tour, and hope you enjoy your journey as much as we did. I’m sure Colin will have great advice for you, and I wish you well!

    We found the people to be incredible helpful, often where you’d expect it least. Take advantage of warmshowers.org, I can link you up with some of the people we stayed with in France, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein if you wish, who are fellow tourers and also have incredible stories to share. It was great for young students like us to share stories and hear about how many of the people who hosted us also left their job to pursue adventure.

    • Todd says:

      Hi Caroline,

      Thanks for your note. Yes, Colin has been very hekpoful. I would appreciate an intro to some of the people you stayed with, esepcially in Switzerland and Lichtenstein. I think for France you and Colin went a different route, along the south? In France I’m going from Bordeaux to Geneva. I also appreciate any advice you have, too! Good luck in India. Great country. Thanks and my best. Todd

  4. Ian Peden says:

    Todd. What a fantastic adventure. Best of luck and be careful out there.

  5. Philipp Schmidt says:

    I’ll be in my native village in rural Bavaria on your route about 100k from Munich just before 18 July. You’re welcome to stay!

  6. azhou says:

    Hey Todd
    I’m one of the people from the Thailand Tsunami Relief interim, HKIS that went to Yaowawit and I just want to say thank you.
    This is amazing for you to do this for them. I can say for certain that everyone from my interim definitely appreciates what you are doing.
    Thanks mate (:

  7. Margot Weinstein says:

    Oh boy…do I want to come and meet you. This is amazing Todd. I am so proud of you for putting your dreams into action. I am totally inspired. You are going to have an amazing adventure for a very good cause. I will be riding (lightly) on your handlebars the whole way. xoxox

  8. Dinesh Subramaniam says:

    Would have loved to welcome you to the Nordic region, Todd. Helsinki would have given you a roaring welcome. Hope you have plans for TransEuropa Part 2! All the best for this ride.

    The PASTEIS DE BELÉM at Antiga Confeitaria de Belem is, without doubt, the best egg tart shop in the world. Everyone and anyone I know (myself included) that’s been to Lisbon has headed to this place.

    With regards to churches, you’ll be spoilt for choice, but one of my favourites was the Cathedral in Sevilla. Also, the Alhambra (Moorish palace) in Granada. If you can also, Todd, do visit Mother Mary’s shrine in Fatima, Portugal, since you’ll be in Lisbon. That was one of the places where she appeared. Nice to throw in a little religion with the fun, I feel.

    Anyway, all the best. If luck should have it that I should cross your path, I will stop to shake your hands, pat you on the back, buy you a nice cold beer, and put some cash in your Yaowawit kitty.

    • Todd says:

      Thanks Dinesh. You are the seond person to recommend PASTEIS de Belem to me. Those egg tarts must be damned good. 🙂 Thanks also for the Church recommendations. Part of my quest is to find the prettiest church in Europe. My best Todd

  9. sabinekrausyaowawit says:

    Hi Todd, I hope your preparations are going well. I am excited and keep my fingers crossed for good weather. Are you at all coming to Thailand for training ?
    Can you also link my blog to yours ? Have a look at http://sabinekrausyaowawit.wordpress.com/ and advise me on what I can better / different. I am only a beginner.
    I will link your blog to mine. I like it a lot.
    All the best and thanks a lot !!!!!!

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