Antarctica, Here I Come

Hong Kong:  In 24 hours I begin the long journey to Antarctica, taking four flights to hop across three continents to get to Ushuai, the world’s southernmost city.  On Tuesday I will embark upon an expedition ship, spend two days crossing the Drake Passage, and finally reach the shores of Antarctica a week from now.  What’s most scary in all this travel is that I am at the mercy of Delta to get me to Buenos Aires.

On this trip I am trading the bike for a kayak.  It’s been a difficult process winding up for this expedition as I continue to wind down from my Euro cycle.   It took me a while to sort out my kit and cold weather gear in Hong Kong.   It took even longer to arrange for some remedial kayaking instruction in Hong Kong.  I figure it’s better to refresh my paddling skills in the subtropics than on the coldest, driest, windiest continent.   Last Saturday Patrick and I kayaked around Sai Kung, one of the most natural and beautiful areas in Hong Kong, to help me train for this adventure.

If my Euro cycle was all about minimizing weight, it feels this expedition is about maximizing baggage, as I will transport much heavy-duty and redundant winter gear.  In all I will take more than 150 items with me.  And I certainly don’t want to miss the money shot.   I am schlepping with me four cameras and two video cameras.  Just the plugs, cords and batteries for all my electronics gear weigh several kilos.

As I anticipate this new expedition, it’s refreshing to not have to worry about flat tires, wrong turns, or angry dogs.


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5 Responses to Antarctica, Here I Come

  1. Ellen says:

    Sounds so exciting, Todd–I’ll be looking forward to your blog and pictures! Safe journey!

  2. VCY says:

    Have a blast and good thing that there are no polar bears in the Antarctica too!

  3. Michael says:

    Hope there is WiFi available so you can share your adventure. Safe travels!

  4. Sheel says:

    Now you have gone, does that mean we will not get anymore updates from you. Am sure the photography is going to be stunning in Antarctica!

  5. Jeff Douglas says:

    Have a good time Todd. It should be spectacular. You might want to contact Joe Schroeder. He ran a marathon down there.

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