More Reflections in the Rear View Mirror

Photo by Halil

Hong Kong:  It’s been exactly three weeks since I completed my Euro cycle and two weeks since returning home.  I am only now beginning to fully appreciate the magnitude of this expedition.  I’ve been on a bike only twice since returning from Turkey, am still trying to moderate my caloric intake, and continue to cringe whenever I hear a dog bark.  It was a helluva journey, but there hasn’t been a day — at least not yet — that I wish I were still pedaling across Europe.

Here are some of my favorite impressions from the second leg (Innsbruck – Istanbul) of TransEuropa 2011.  Some of these photos have not been previously published.

For a photo galley of my favorite impressions from the first leg (Lisbon – Innsbruck) of this adventure, refer to the August 2011 blogpost, “Reflections in the Rear View Mirror.”


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2 Responses to More Reflections in the Rear View Mirror

  1. Phillip White says:

    God bless you, my friend.

    Phillip (San Diego, CA)

  2. Hi Todd,

    Congratulations on the journey and for supporting Yaowawit! Sounds like a great way to kick-off the beginning of your post-executive life.

    We’re slowly getting our trip organized to return to Yaowawit in March. Jodie, the young lady that you met last year, has been allowed to return with this year’s group. One idea we had was to create a video like this one (from Zurich Int’l School):
    Jodie would probably take the lead on organizing this, and we hope this could be put on their website to advertize for people to come visit. Jodie was wondering if you have any expertise from your previous life that would help us to create something like this. Or perhaps you have some other ideas that we might brainstorm about supporting the school.

    Welcome back to HK and hope to see you around.


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