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Make Noise

Hong Kong:  On my way back home from Istanbul I read the following article in the International Herald Tribune.  It’s scary and very short-sighted how climate change has dropped off the American radar screen and agenda.  Much noise and action … Continue reading

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Chasing Dreams

Istanbul, Turkey:  I did it!!! What started as an idea in the cornfields of the American Midwest last year became conviction by the time I reached the Atlantic:  to keep pedaling in an easterly direction around the world.  Now at … Continue reading

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Time to Bring It Home

Silivri, Turkey:  For the second time I checked out of the Golden Yat Hotel, said my thanks, loaded my bike, and entered Tekirdag’s morning rush hour traffic trying to get to Silivri.   This time I made it. Today’s ride … Continue reading

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A Helping Hand

Tekirdag, Turkey:  Today unfolded in a way I never wildly would have predicted.  Often on this journey I visualized my arrival in Istanbul, triumphant and jubilant, to keep me going.  I never remotely visualized the conditions I faced today, and … Continue reading

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“Stay at Home” and Other Relevant Road Advice

Tekirdag, Turkey:  Turkey really dished it out today — rain, wind, coldness, fog, big hills and nuisance canines.   It was one doozy of a miserable day, the kind of day I’d rather forget but will probably vividly remember for … Continue reading

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A Whopper of a Windy Day in Turkey

Kesan, Turkey:  This morning I ran out of Greek road.  Turkey here I am.  For the first time on this Euro expedition I consciously and conspicuously took the autobahn to get here. Entering Turkey, the final country on this 16-nation … Continue reading

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Are We There Yet?

Alexandropolis, Greece:  On the first morning of the first day of my cross-country American ride I randomly asked a cluster of fellow cyclists,  “Are we there yet?”    Thus began a ritual which I repeated many times as we migrated … Continue reading

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