Split Happens

Split, Croatia:  I have a case of cyclus interruptus.  Today I pause this Euro Cycle to fly back to Hong Kong to take care of some personal/family business.  After trying over the past week to manage various issues by remote control, I concluded the far more efficient and effective way to take care of things is just to go back to Hong Kong.  Rest assured all is good.  Since this is an unplanned hiatus, I am very much looking forward to surprising my son tomorrow when I pick him up from school.

I plan to return to Croatia on October 20 and immediately resume the pedaling.  By now I have experience in restarting the ride.  I still aim to finish this ride in Istanbul in exactly one month, on October 13.   My finish is shaping up to be a sprint rather than the leisurely, meandering ride this journey once was.  It will be an AOI:  Assault on Istanbul.   I am 100% committed to arriving safely in Istanbul and having a good time along the way. This last stretch promises to be fast and fun and on the wild side.   Stay tuned.

The past couple of days have been great in Croatia.   Patrick arrived on Sunday.  It is wonderful to see a familiar and friendly face in these parts, and we explored Split and hired a car so Patrick can see some of the dramatic Croatian coast I have been cycling.   We also managed to get to the Bosnian frontier, but they wouldn’t let us in.

Here’s my progress so far across Europe.  Six countries and 1,600 kilometers to go.

TransEuropa 2011 Trip Summary (so far):

Days:  60

Distance:  4,219.84 kilometers

Ascent:   29,888 meters

Countries:  10:  Portugal, Spain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia

Incidents:  4: flat tires on Days 45, 53 and 56;  police reprimand on Day 2


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6 Responses to Split Happens

  1. Phillip M. White says:

    Todd: I admire your tenacity and determination. You do what you got to do. Good for you. We’ll be stay-tuned for sure.

  2. Ellen says:

    That’s good that you have your priorities straight and are taking care of business! The cycling will still be there waiting for you–and you will enjoy it more with a clear conscience! Happy travels!

  3. Margot says:

    Great title–‘Split Happens’. Boy it sure does! Thankfully, the road is always there when we are ready to return to it! Say hi to Patrick and safe travels. Love, Margot

  4. Kevin miller says:

    Hey Todd,
    Shouting out from Georgia(US)! I see another inspiring chapter is being written. Keep up the Good work!
    Sorry for letting the lines go cold on this euro trip. I’ll keep up better.
    Glad to hear your keeping those policeman busy! Coloring outside of the lines once in a while adds a touch of spice and hopefully a good laugh.

    • Todd says:

      Kev, thanks for the shout out from GA! I felt it in Europe! You’re right: it is good to color outside the lines from time to time. My best, Todd

  5. Arthit says:

    Glad that the journey will resume soon!

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