Impressions of Transylvania

Sibiu, Romania:  During my hiatus from cycling across Europe, I get to spend some quality family time in the most unlikely place.  Traveling through parts of Romania, Bulgaria, and Hungary with four wheels rather than my customary two, Transylvania — a region with abundant mountains, peasant villages, gothic churches and castles — has been the centerpiece of this summer family vacation.  The people of Transylvania have made a positively huge impression:  friendly, welcoming, curious, colorful.   And we’ve not encountered any vampires.   At least not yet.


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5 Responses to Impressions of Transylvania

  1. Phillip White says:

    Love those pictures, Todd! What a trip.

  2. derekaDereka says:

    Those are marvelous pictures. Thanks so much for them. Don’t let your butt get too soft!

  3. John Soley says:

    Todd, Great pictures. Where in Hungary did you go. I was born in Nyiregyhaza, north east part of Hungary and lived in a small town of Tiszadob. We move to the US when i was 12. We missed you in Colorado, it was a great ride. Get back on the bike and have a great and safe trip.

    • Todd says:

      John, I missed you guys in CO too, but I was there in spirit. I had forgotten about your Hungary connection. We only visited Budapest and Szeged, which was a really lovely city.

  4. Janine Stein says:

    it’s going on my bucket list

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