40 Days, 3,000 kilometers and some extra “character”

Munich, Germany:  40 days and 3,096 kilometers since leaving Lisbon, last night I rolled into Munich, the nominal mid-way point in my trek across Europe, damp and smelly and five days early.  Yesterday’s ride to Munich was just yucky.  It rained for most of the ride, and as a result I took the most direct route possible, which involved a series of busy secondary roads with little or no shoulder as the BMWs and Mercedes whizzed by.

Due to weather I got a late 10:30am start in leaving Fuessen, and passed the Neuschwanstein castle on my way out of town.  The best thing I can say about yesterday’s ride is it built more “character.” Yesterday was all about raw determination to do what I set out to do.  In the middle of a ferocious thunderstorm, where I found some shelter in an unoccupied biergarden, I doubted my ability to get to Munich at all. Eventually the storm subsided and I pressed on.  I pity my son who years from now will we subjected to lectures such as “Tough?  Let me tell you about tough….that ride into Munich back in 2011….”

In a suburb on the outskirts of Munich, just when I was about to set off in a completely wrong direction, I met Marc, a triathlete who commutes by bike from the city center to his work as the construction project manager for a research hospital.   Marc speaks flawless English and offered to lead me into Munich.  We had a good chat along the way, and he went out of his way to deliver me to the front door of my friend’s house.   Without the good fortune of meeting him I would have probably spent a couple of hours trying  to figure out my way around Munich.  Thank you Marc.

At 7pm I showed up at my friend Sabina’s place, and the first thing I said to her was “Honey, I’m home.”  She laughed when she saw me and my fully loaded bike.   My friendship with Sabina spans decades and continents and it’s great to chill with her and her partner Thomas for a few days.   It’s inconceivable that I would could cycle across Europe without visiting Sabina in Munich.

Originally I intended to conclude the first leg of TransEuropa 2011 in Munich.   But since I am ahead of schedule, early next week I will press on to Innsbruck before going on hiatus for some family time.

Daily and Trip summaries:

Day 40:  Fuessen – Munich, Germany

Distance:  118.71 km

Ascent:  584 meters

Terrain:  Hilly

Weather:  It sucked.

Trip summary:

Total Distance:  3,096.52 km

Total Ascent:  22,163.28 m

Countries:  7

Rest Days:  6

Police interactions:  1


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8 Responses to 40 Days, 3,000 kilometers and some extra “character”

  1. So glad your building character, Todd!

  2. Ellen says:

    That what does not kill you, makes you stronger! Great job in getting to Munich! Enjoy the rest of your trip to Innsbruck! Then it will be hugs with Huey!

  3. Mark Scheer says:

    Way to go man!
    Safe travels to Innsbruck.
    We’re with you.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Lots of fun seeing your journey through your eyes Todd. Congratulations on your successes with the first leg and very best of luck for the next phase!

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