Snapshots of The Day

Konstanz, Germany:  I blitzed through Switzerland this week, cycling past lakes and rivers and many charming towns.  Much of my Swiss tour was on designated bike paths, some paved and some not, that meandered through neighborhoods, farmland and industrial areas, including a Gondola manufacturer.  Yesterday I overnighted in the picturesque town of Baden, which is best known for its hot sulphur springs.  I soaked in the thermal waters last night, which didn’t do much for me.

Here’s my final day in Switzerland documented in photos:

Another continental breakfast buffet at the hotel.  This morning it’s at the Atrium Hotel Blume in Baden.  After staying in chain hotels for the past week, it’s enjoyable to stay at a place with some character.

Cycle through Baden’s picturesque Old Town this morning to enjoy the architecture and history before setting off.

Met these two women who were walking dogs about 15 km into this morning’s ride. They didn’t speak any English.  After I explained my trip in clumsy German the older woman asked me, “Why don’t you fly?”

Blue sunny skies as I cycle on a path away from the town of Bulach, which is near the Zurich Airport.  The weather forecast for today was heavy rain, and there was a major storm last night, with golf ball-sized hail.

Sharing the bike path.

I need fuel.  Cliff Bar to the rescue.

By noon I need something substantial, so in Seuzach I stop at a Gasthof for lunch. A friend in LA wanted me to have a bratwurst for her.  Sherri, this one’s for you.

I ask this road worker whether I am on track for the town of Pfyn. He’s from Zurich and doesn’t know the area, so he went to consult his papers, and later, his GPS.   I decided to rely on my GPS….

… and Garmin routes me on an unpaved, unmarked gravel road through farmland….but it gets me to a major intersection…

…. where I have lots of options, including cycling on roads or on bike paths (designated by the red signs).

I choose to cycle on the road on the final stretch to Konstanz.  This road, like many in Switzerland, has a dedicated bike lane.

After I pass through Pfyn, and with about 20 km to go, I stop at this bakery for a little pick-me-up. After all, man can’t live on potatoes and sausage alone.  I get a piece of apple pie.

I cross the border into Germany. There is an active customs post at the border crossing, but pedestrians and cyclists go through without friction.   The Germany sign is nearly invisible.   I had to hunt it down.  It’s the blue one.

As I was trying to find another hotel, I pass the Constantia hotel. Boutiquish.  I liked the appearance, went in, and got a room.    Melanie, the receptionist, says cycling to Germany from Portugal is “crazy.”

I think this is my 30th hotel room of this journey.  I park my bike in a shed behind the hotel, and have to get my four panniers, camera bag, handlebar bag, and two water bottles to my room on the third floor.   The tiny elevator goes to the second floor only.

After cleaning up, I go explore the old own of Konstanz …

… and see The Jazz Statues.   I happened to see them performing on the street in Montreux on Tuesday.   They’re good.

Daily and Trip summaries:

Day 34 and 35 (Thursday – Friday, July 7 – 8):  Biel, Switzerland – Baden – Konstanz, Germany

Distances:  127.49 km (Day 34) and 88.42 km (Day 35)

Ascent:  509 meters (Day 34) and 726 meters (day 35)

Weather:  Fine cycling weather.  Rain in the evenings.

Terrain:  Hilly

Trip summary:

Distance: 2,707.32 km

Climbing: 19405.28 meters

Rest days:  5

Police interactions:  1


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5 Responses to Snapshots of The Day

  1. Margot Weinstein says:

    Great post Todd. Your creativity is great. So fun to see a photo of you too. xx M

  2. Michael says:

    Love reading about your adventures. I have been to a concert given by the Jazz Statues; I agree with you – they are very good! Safe travels and enjoy meeting up with your family soon.

    • Todd says:

      What a small world. I spoke with the Jazz Statues in Konstanz, they’re from Poland and coming out with a second CD. Thank you for your good wishes. My best, Todd

  3. Tom Zack says:

    Todd it is great following you blog in your adventure across Europe. We all missed you on the Colorado ride. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

    Texas Tom

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