Churches & Chateaux

Langon, France:   Today I explored Southwestern France from the vantage point of country roads.  Several beautiful village churches, an uninhabited château and an abandoned castle far surpass yesterday’s rain.  Today the clouds menaced all day but the rain stayed away.  In the town of Sore (whose name reflected how I was feeling at the time) I stopped at a bistro for lunch.  They didn’t have a menu but the proprietress whipped up some mussels and fries for me.  Earlier in the day, in the town of Moustey, I stopped at an award-winning and busy bakery for a mighty fine baguette.  The extra carbs gave me the energy I needed.

Late in the day I crossed another invisible boundary and — voila! — I am in wine country. After passing by logging forests and farming for most of the day, suddenly everything changes and it’s grape territory.  The change from endless forest to ubiquitous vineyard was abrupt.   I cycled 235 km from Biarritz to get to Bordelais wine country, and all I drink these days is water.  Tap water.  Served in a carafe, of course.

Tonight I am staying at a happening little restaurant-hotel in Langon, amusing some of the other guests with my French.

Day 19 (Wednesday, June 23):  Mimizan – Langon, France

Day 19 distance: 120.64 km

Day 19 ascent:  289 m

Terrain:  flat

Weather:  cloudy

Trip summary:

Distance: 1,465.94 km

Climbing: 9,6,32 meters

Rest days:  4

Police interactions:  1


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4 Responses to Churches & Chateaux

  1. Phillip M. White says:

    Beautiful pictures of beautiful scenery! Wow.

  2. Ian Peden says:

    After a glass or two of the local vin, your ability to communicate with the locals will magically improve.

  3. margo addison says:

    Your pictures are gorgeous! It is a daily treat to read about your adventures. Keep up the great and strong work!
    margo – the other one

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