People Helping People

San Sebastian, Spain:  On this bike ride across Europe, I have readily been reminded about the inherent goodness of people.   In big ways and small, strangers have gone out of their way to show an interest and to help the Americano on the bike.  (And believe me, I’ve needed alot of help with directions!)

In a similar spirit, I also find it touching — and reassuring — that people are inherently generous to those in need.   Recently, the donated funds from the Rotary Club Golden Mile in Kowloon — the first major contribution to Yaowawit in conjunction with TransEuropa 2011 — arrived.   These funds have been used to procure blankets, pillows, and first aid kits for the 120 Yaowawit students.

Shown in this picture are:

Blue shirt – Ganya Grade 6
Purple shirt – Lek Grade 5
In the blanket – Didi Grade 6

Thank you again Rotarians for your generosity.





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3 Responses to People Helping People

  1. Mark Scheer says:

    Hey man, you’ve spent too much time in Hong Kong. “Exuberates” is not a word in English. I bet you got a 700 on your verbal SAT, too. Loving the stories and the photos. Keep smiling.

  2. Mark Scheer says:

    Holy crap, “exuberate” is a word. I just looked it up.

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