Heading in the Right Direction

by SCMP Photographer May Tse

Hong Kong:  My little bike ride across Europe which begins in just 11 days (but who’s counting?) will test my navigational ability as much as my stamina.  Fortunately, in the count-down to Lisbon, things amazingly seem to be coming together and pointing in the right direction.

First the good news.   The Rotary Club of Kowloon Golden Mile — the liveliest and friendliest Rotary Club in town — today confirmed an HK$11,500 donation to Yaowawit for the provision of blankets, pillows, and first aid kits for the students.    This is the first signification donation of my European fundraising effort and I sincerely appreciate the generosity of the Rotary Club for stepping up and for leading the way.

Also today, the South China Morning Post published an article about Yaowawit and my charity ride:-

\”TV high-flier swaps his suit for the saddle\” in today\’s South China Morning Post

Now that I am a man of leisure — at least for the next 11 days — I managed time to wallow in The New York Times this afternoon after accompanying my son’s class on a field trip to the Kowloon Mosque.  This article about the efforts of the city of Chicago to prepare for climate change caught my attention.   Finally, a major American city is trying to head in the right direction and do something.

Changes in the Air: A City Prepares for a Warm Long-Term Forecast


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  1. Margot Weinstein says:

    Awesome photo

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