Fluffy & Ryan

Hong Kong:  Accompanying me in Europe will be two penguins — Fluffy and Ryan –created and named by my son.  Yesterday Fluffy and Ryan had their first outing in Hong Kong,  to a Tai Tam Tigers football match, and later on, to dinner in Stanley with some of my b-school friends. 

Why penguins, you may be asking?  In Europe?  On a bike?   All very good questions. 

Penguins are on the front lines of climate change.  Their dependence upon icy habitats make them vulnerable to global warming.  This recent article in The New York Times caught my attention, and reminded me once again that we need an urgent response to climate adaptation:-

Climate change and the penguin trail, from The New York Times

Fluffy and Ryan will accompany me on this European road trip, and appear at some of Europe’s most iconic locations (and some not-so-iconic places, too) to help spread the word on climate change.  And to keep me company.


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