A Long Way for a Short Drink

Hong Kong/Beijing/Hong Kong:  Yesterday I flew to Beijing for a drink, and then flew back home.  That’s right.  I endured two three-hour flights with unidentifiable chicken parts served both ways, notorious traffic in a grey drizzle to and from Beijing Capital Airport, and two taxi and two Airport Express train rides to and from Hong Kong International Airport….all in order to discuss a business opportunity with some entertainment executives for about 90 minutes over a fresh lime soda.  It was a lively, stimulating discussion.  I am glad I made the trip.    

On Sunday I went cycling with some of the guys.   We pedaled up to The Peak for coffee.  That also seems like a long ride for a short morning brew, but it was a glorious sunny day in Hong Kong and worth every ounce of sweat. 

Today is the Buddha’s Birthday, another public holiday in Hong Kong.   I’ll be the one sipping iced tea by the pool at the American Club, this time much closer to home. 


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Around-the-world cycling, one continent at a time
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3 Responses to A Long Way for a Short Drink

  1. Sunder Aaron says:

    Hey Todd, feel free to visit us in Mumbai for Dinner!

  2. Phillip White says:

    You’re amazing! I thought I was stretching it a bit when I flew to Sacramento from San Diego (two years ago) for a one day bicycle ride around the town, then flew back that night.

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