A No-Hole Strategy

Hong Kong:   Yesterday I finally learned how to change a bicycle tire.   I’ve been putting off the inevitable for years, figuring it would be easier to just not get a flat tire rather than have to change one.   This strategy has worked for me for thousands of miles, including my coast-to-coast ride last year.   But on the off-chance there’s a hole (no pun intended) in this strategy, then I decided to err on the side of Boy Scouts and just do it.   So yesterday morning my friendly bike shop opened up early to conduct a remedial mechanics session for me.   I was sprawled out on the floor of the store, changing tires.  I’ve certainly seen this done dozens of times.  Fortunately I’ve never had to do this myself.

With re-inflated tires, I drove from the bike shop in Cheung Sha Wan to Lantau island where I cycled 53km, and climbed 1,104 meters, from Sunny Bay to Silvermine Bay and back, via the still-killer Tung Chung pass.    It’s the third time in as many weeks I have done this pass, and it sucks every time.   Though at least now I can get to the summit in both directions without having to pause.

Today was a gorgeous Saturday in Hong Kong.   The wind patterns have seasonably shifted, meaning the wind blows in from the South China Sea, pushing all the gunk air from China Inc. deeper into China.   The result is relatively clear, blue skies.   Hong Kong has these skies so infrequently now you really appreciate a beautiful day.  At least I do.

And how better to spend a beautiful Saturday than with 15,000 of my neighbors from Guangdong Province at Ocean Park?   My son had a ball.  It’s been a few years since I visited Ocean Park, even though it’s only a 15-minute drive from my house.   They’ve smartened up the Park.  It’s still work-in-progress, but already Ocean Park eclipses HK Disneyland in its appeal, and the aquariums are almost world-class.

I most enjoyed the jellyfish aquarium.   

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One Response to A No-Hole Strategy

  1. Phillip White says:

    I know exactly what you mean, Todd, about not having changed a flat tire before. I took the workshop from my bike shop, too, but I’ve never had to do it before. Good luck! Phillip

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